Who We Are:  As the first medical practice in Philadelphia to offer groundbreaking IV vitamin and nutrient therapy, RestoreIV is on the leading edge of integrative medicine, setting the standards and protocols for the use of IV Vitamin C, Magnesium, B Complex and other treatments to help patients achieve optimal health and performance.  These best-in-class IV vitamin and mineral therapies are created and administered by expert physicians and trained medical staff.

How We Help:  With a deep understanding of the specific benefits and makeup of each vitamin therapy, we develop tailored treatment regimens that allow maximum absorption and health benefits.  Whether our patients are suffering from migraines, chronic connective tissue disease or searching for heightened energy, our individualized IV therapy programs match the specific needs and desired outcomes of our patients.

What We Believe:  We exist to empower people to remove roadblocks to achieving optimal health and performance.  The proven results and positive feedback from patients ranging from professional athletes to men and women keeping up with the demands of everyday life, reinforces the importance of these therapies as a key part of our overall treatment approach.  They help restore our patients’ bodies to their optimal state so they can reach their highest health.